We are seeking to bring a radical change to the elderly’s lives out of the belief that every person is allowed to a decent life, and people are responsible to help each other.

After working for more than 3 years directly with the elderly and needy people in the town of Zgharta, we had come to the followings projects that needs to be implemented:

A meal from the heart

The essence of the project is to provide ideally a hot daily free meal for about 40 elders or at least 4 meals per week.

In order to make this project happen, it would require funding on a recurrent monthly basis. We are looking for people willing to help promote this project by providing a regular monthly fee.

The location of the “Meal from the heart” site is situated in the middle of the needy areas which facilitate the access for the elderly

A home from the heart

This project consists of restoring the houses of the elderly as well as change the furniture when needed. This project should take place from spring to fall of each year.

Christmas and Easter projects

Both projects aims to provide generous food packs and hygienic kits for about 200 beneficiaries from Zgharta district.


The project aims to provide blankets, heaters, lamps and candles mainly for the elderly, widows and deprived families.

Back to school project

The project goes strictly to the widowed women who are in charge of their kids and for a limited numbers of families. “Back to school” will provide school bags and the subscription fees in public schools and or books and others.

An appeal to the heart...

Join our cause and help us, all year round, and not just during special occasions!
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